Sunday, 4 December 2011

ABC Zoo Games 2


Read the clue then spell the word by clicking on the letters. If you need more help you can listen to the word.  If you choose too many wrong letters the monkey will get squashed.


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Zoo Animal Games 1

Here is a picture of an animal. For example, a tiger. How do you spell it? It's t-i-g-e-r. Can you hit t, i, g, e and r on the balloons as they go past? You must hit them in the right order! When you've spelt this animal, you'll get some more.
Remember - you have three lives for each number!


Language Art Part 3

Easy Paper Kids Crafts: Lion

Easy Paper Kids Crafts: Monkey

Easy Paper Kids Crafts: Cat

Language Art Part 2

Creature Tiger Mask

Instructions For Making Your Creative Mask 
1.        After your mask has been printed it’s time for you to decorate it. You can use anything, crayons, markers, paint, use your imagination.
2.      With a grown-up’s  help use scissors to cut your mask out. Then, use a hole punch to make holes on both sides of your animal;s head.
3.      To wear your mask, tie a piece of string or elastic through each whole. And tie it tight so that your mask will stay on.

Language Art Part 1

Let us recite.

Phonics w & x (4)

Rearrange the letters.

1. ofx ---- ______

2. oxb ---- ______

3. xis ---- ______

4. tchwa ---- ______

5. treaw ---- ______

6. llwa ---- ______

Phonics w & x (3)

Fill in the missing ‘w’ or ‘x’.

1.       ____igs

2. bo____

3. fo____

4. ____all

5. ____ood

6. si____